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How did the NEW BPPT come to be? Part III

Through the next several winter months we watched the building take shape from the inside out. The state of the art Hydroworks pool was installed and our bathroom/locker rooms started to come together. The shower was installed and soon after we even had paint! The new location for BPPT was starting to look like home.
December 11 2014 inside drywallPhoto Jan 08, 12 16 16 PM Photo Jan 08, 4 29 11 PM  December 22 2014 inside 1 December 22 2014 inside 2 December 22 2014 inside 3
Photo Jan 13, 5 08 59 PM Photo Jan 08, 4 29 41 PM
January 21 2015 pool Photo Feb 03, 2 59 30 PM
Photo Feb 03, 2 59 08 PM

In February 2015, on a long Saturday we moved all our current equipment into the new space. We placed extra tables, started packing the cupboards with supplies and were ready to open our doors on February 16.
Open 4 Open 3 February 6 2015 pool on February 16 2014 open

Since the opening of our new location or patient load has nearly tripled. We are now able to see several more patients at a time, and provide the care everyone is used to in an even more state of the art location. One of our patients even made us this painting for our front lobby to give it the perfect “like home” feel.
March 2 inside

BPPT wouldn’t be what it is without the wonderful patients, staff and supporters of our community. We thank you all for being so much more than just those things, but for being our friends and family as well. It’s been a pleasure serving you here in Chico since 2007 and we look forward to serving you more in the years to come.

If you haven’t received a tour of our location yet, feel free to stop by any time and one of us can show you around.

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