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From time to time, our patients like to find out about the different aspects of physical therapy. We’re always pleased to tell our story! We’ve put together a list of questions people ask us most often. Take a look and see if these can help; if not, please contact us!

For those who don’t know what physical therapy is, what are some of the highlights of treatment?

Treatments focus on improving strength and range of motion while decreasing pain and restoring function.

What can people expect when they become patients?

Once a person calls and schedules an appointment, he/she will undergo an evaluation lasting approximately 60-90 minutes, and then begin treatment of whatever condition the patient is facing.

What would happen if a prospective patient decided not to undergo physical therapy?

If the patient were to avoid physical therapy, depending on the condition, he/she may continue to have pain and dysfunction.

How long will my appointment last?

About 60 to 90 minutes per appointment.

What should I expect during my evaluation and treatments?

Of course, this depends on what condition we’re treating and how severe the illness or damage has been. Treatment typically consists of exercise, along with some sort of controlled, hands-on movements with the help of a therapist.

Does physical therapy hurt?

It’s perfectly normal to feel sore after a physical therapy treatment. Even so, there shouldn’t be an excessive amount of pain.

How long does it take to recover?

This depends on the condition we’re treating, as well as the patient’s compliance with exercises and stretches we recommend if the patient follows the plan we set up recovery can sometimes be fairly quick.

What payments options are available?

Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, and Insurance


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