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At Butte Premier Physical Therapy (BPPT), we pride ourselves in our treatment approach. Each patient receives individualized attention with their physical therapist, and our therapists engage in treatment practices that have been supported by research evidence as the most effective forms of physical therapy. Manual therapy is almost always included as an element of a therapy session in conjunction with therapeutic activity (such as exercises and stretching) to enhance the manual therapy.


We always encourage patient-therapist collaboration. Your physical therapist will spend time discussing your needs and listening to your assessment of the problem, reviewing your treatment options, and ensuring you have a thorough understanding of the plan of care for your physical therapy.

Teaching Clinic

All of the therapists at BPPT value the benefits of education. This is why we have made an intentional effort to be a premier teaching clinic for students of physical therapy. Similar to teaching hospitals for medical students, at BPPT we provide placements for physical therapy students to receive the hands-on learning in their final clinical years of their education. This is a multi-beneficial situation: the students provide a fresh perspective on the most up-to-date physical therapy practices being taught at universities, and the therapists have the opportunity to share their clinical reasoning and experience to students and fellow patients in a way that is understandable to the learner. Throughout this process, the patient is the focus of the discussion and benefits from this in-depth care and training.


All of the physical therapists at BPPT are licensed physical therapists as well as Doctors of Physical Therapy. In addition to this highly-regarded professional standard, therapists at BPPT are encouraged to further their expertise and obtain an orthopedic specialty distinction within the profession, a credential that fewer than 12% of practicing physical therapists obtain. Furthermore, approximately 1% of physical therapists achieve a level of Fellowship Trained in Physical Therapy. We are proud to be among the elite with regards to continuing education at BPPT, as it is always our intent to provide optimal care to our patients. Please see the therapists’ biographies on the Our Team tab for individual credentials.

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