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How did the new BPPT come to be? Part II

  • Laura Langerwerf

In September we had the beginning of the pool foundation laid and the foundation trenches dug to begin reinforcing and pouring concrete.
September 12 2014
Just a few days later the foundation on the pool was in and we were ready to pour all the concrete on October 2.
September 22 2014 gravel  September 19 20142014-10-02 17.28.18 2014-10-02 17.29.03
On October 8 we were framed (framed! Yes, walls!) and starting to see everything coming together.

October 8 2014 walls 1 October 8 2014 walls 2 October 8 2014 walls 3 October 8 2014 walls 4

October 16 marked walls going in over the framing and the building looking more and more like it would eventually.

October 16 2014 building 2 October 16, 2014 building

On October 27, Leigh, Greg and Christian took a tour of the building and discussed placement for the tables, machines, and different exercise equipment they were moving from the old location into this building in February.

October 27 2014 inside 2 October 27 2014 inside 3 October 27 2014 inside

Soon after this in November we started to see the outside receive finishing touches.

November 12 2014 outside November 13 2014 parking lot November 17 2014 outside

And on November 21 we had doors. Yes, real doors.

November 21 2014 doors

We were so close to completion at this point except for the inside of the building… only a few more months!!

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